This list is just our take on what we’ve found to be useful. If it is not listed in the Mandatory list, then you are not required to bring it! DO NOT OVERPACK! We promise you’ll find yourself wearing the same few items.


Kalu Yala sits in a 7,000 acre mountain valley located one hour from downtown Panama City. We are an off-the-grid community with very limited power sources on-site. At our altitude in the tropics, days are balmy with an average of 85, high humidity and powerful sun, but nights are always a cool 68 degrees. You will want to go swimming everyday and can also enjoy a fire at night. Because our living situation is so unique, we hope you prepare accordingly! We recommend bringing the items on the packing list for the most optimal experience in our natural wonderland.


Panama is metropolis with many clubs, bars, and restaurants. Hispania, our city venue, is located in the urban center with access to the Ancon Theatre Guild, the National Theatre, local art galleries, and many other offerings of a developed city. Please bring a few nice outfits for going to events.